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Government College of Arts & Science was established on 22nd Sept. 1923 in Aurangabad, under Nizam State before Independence. The building is a Historical building situated at “Qulay-Ark” (Ark Fort) in the medical architecture buildings like “Zanana Mahal” (Place for Ladies) & “Mardana Mahal” (Place meant for Gents) & “Pamer Kothi”. This historical campus provides a clean and pollution free environment.

This was the only college till 1950 which caters to the academic need of the under privileged classes on a large scale, providing higher education in the Marathwada Region. Another fact of the college history is that the freedom movement “Vande Mataram” was started in the year 1938 in the college hostel and was spread throughout the Hyderabad State.

With the changing time the institute is providing opportunities for students & teachers in the ICT Tools, academics, industry, and research, social & cultural arena. As a result Govt. of Maharashtra introduced new subjects in the college such as Microbiology, Geography, Music, Home-Science in 1971, Sociology in 1972, Statistics in 1982, Polymer Chemistry in 1987 & Computer Science in 2001 considering the regional requirements.

The Department of Music is one of its kinds a premier department in the Marathwada Region. This department was established in the year 1971. Dr. C.V. Deshmukh was Head of the Department. In the year 1974, Mrs. V.S. Bajre classical vocalist was appointed in the department. Sangeet Natak Academy Awardee pandit Nath Neralkar was one of the contributory lecturer in the department. In 1976, Junior College was attached to this department & thereafter in 1982 Post Graduate course was started. Dr. Karuna Deshpande was appointed by MSPC in 1984. Mr. Buddharatna S. Liheetkar was appointed as (Contract Basis) Assistant Lecturer in 2003. Dr. V.S. Deshmukh disciple of Veena Sahastrabudhe (a renowned artist in the field of Classical Music) was appointed in the year 2006 through MPSC & at present she is Head of the Department in Feb. 2016 after the retirement of Dr. Karuna Deshpande. In 1977, Mr. madhukar P. Khanori & Mr. J.M. Kalasne were appointed as a Tabla player & Harmonium player also retired.

The Department has its own reputation & students rush to take admission in this dept. Nearly, 1000 students of UG has passed out from the college with merit in the university. After passing Post-Graduation, Several students were working as Lecturers, Teachers & many are the performing Arts tried classical vocalist, music composer, folk singer, semi classical singer, recordist, etc.

The outstanding alumni of the department have earned a fame & name in the state, National & International Levels.f

At Present the Faculty comprises of the following members:

  • V.S. Deshmukh – Assistant Professor (H.O.D)
  • B.S. Liheetkar – Assistant Professor

Dr. V.S. Deshmukh is a versatile Artist & an excellent performer, learning at present from Padma Vibhushan Smt. Kisori Amonkar the topmost exponent of Jaipur/Atroli Gharana & most popular singer of the country.

She is also a Ph.D. guide & so far one student has completed Ph.D. under her guidance. At present nine students are doing Ph.D. under her guidance. She is a referee to various universities. She is working on the various bodies of the faculty of music in the Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, Marathwada University, A’bad.

Another Assistant Professor Mr. B.S. Liheetkar is a renowned Gazal singer & composer. A major research project is sanctioned to Mr. Liheetkar by ICSSR, New Delhi & his work is in progress.

Dr. V. S. Deshmukh


Dr.Sujata Jayant Vyas.

M.A., Ph.D